All Natural and Organic: Essential Oils Option for your mosquito control.

If you prefer to use only plant compounds, Mosquito Squad offers an essential oil system as an alternative for pest control. While our essential solution is effective for mosquitoes, no seeums, and greenheads,  we have not found it to be effective against ticks

Unlike other companies offering similar solutions, we deliver this system with our one-two punch, providing a spray treatment and treatment of breeding areas and habitat.  This second treatment reduces breeding in and around the property in places like storm gutters, drains and other target areas, for more effective mosquito control.

While our Barrier Protection Spray works to both repel and eliminate mosquitoes, our all-natural treatment eliminates pests at the time of treatment and then continues as a repellent for up to 14 days.

Our essential oil mosquito treatment is applied to the areas of your property that mosquitoes are known to harbor and feed. It is made of essential oils and has a slight mint or vanilla fragrance that dissipates within a few hours of application.

Essential oils break down more quickly and are more susceptible to sun and rain. We recommend applying the treatment every 14 days for best protection.

While the essential oil repellent may not be quite as effective as our traditional mosquito control solutions, depending on your needs, it may be right for you. And, of course, if you’re not 100% satisfied,  we provide the same Mosquito Squad guarantee for all of our services.