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Barnstable Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are not only a threat to people but also your pets.  In Barnstable they have been known to carry West Nile, Eastern Equine Encephalitis and may carry others in the future.  But mosquitoes are also the vector for heartworm in pets.

Cape Cod Mosquito Squad provides a 1-2 punch against mosquitoes.  Our plant-based barrier system moves protection directly to their habitat.  This keeps chemicals like deet off you, prevents these lotions and sprays from entering your skin and lungs and prevents them from washing down the drain, potentially affecting our wells and water table. 

The Cape Cod Mosquito Squad system provides the most effective overall result and is available in Barnstable for properties of any size. It also helps protect your plants, shrubs and ornamentals from things like gypsy moths, aphids, borers and Japanese beetles. 

Mosquito Control Barrier Protection

Mosquito Squad’s most popular traditional barrier spray will decrease your yard’s tick and mosquito population by 85-90%! Our trained technicians treat key areas of your property, eliminating adult ticks and mosquitoes on contact and providing continuous protection, reapplying every 2-3 weeks.

This service also targets fleas and no-seeums, ants, spiders, flies, centipedes, and sow bugs. 

Essential Oil Protection

If you prefer to use only plant compounds, Mosquito Squad offers an essential oil system as an alternative for pest control. While our essential solution is effective for mosquitoes, no seeums, and greenheads,  we have not found it to be effective against ticks

While the essential oil repellent may not be quite as effective as our traditional mosquito control solutions, depending on your needs, it may be right for you. And, of course, if you’re not 100% satisfied,  we provide the same Mosquito Squad guarantee for all of our services.

Automatic Misting Systems

If you need continuous tick and mosquito control for your property, an automatic misting system may be the perfect solution.

The Mosquito Squad team handles all aspects of installation, maintenance, product refills, and service. At the end of the season, we will winterize the system to keep it ready to protect your home in the coming season.

Special Event Sprays

Summer is a great time for outdoor weddings, parties, and other events in Falmouth and they are best without bugs. Mosquito Squad can help you and your guests enjoy your special day without getting bitten. 

Our trained technicians will apply a barrier spray 1-2 days before the event to protect you from biting, stinging insects. The barrier spray includes extra protection to eliminate or greatly reduce bugs around your guests and food. 

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