Check out our new mobile-friendly website

Cape Cod Mosquito Squad launched our new website last month, and we hope you’ll check it out — especially if you use a smartphone or tablet to learn about tick and mosquito control on the Cape. It was designed by our friends at Menadena in Keene, New Hampshire on the Squarespace platform. 

You Love Your Phones and Tablets

Just two years ago, only about one-third of our visitors came from mobile devices. Now, almost two-thirds of our visitors find us this way — using a handheld device to pull up information on our pest control services while in line at the Stop and Shop, enjoying the beach, or sitting on the couch with a tablet in the evening.

To better serve our customers our new website now what the techies call “mobile ready,’’ an architecture that enables the site to adapt to the type of device you are using.

Designed for Speed and Convenience

In scanning the redesigned, you’ll notice it has a cleaner look, organization and some new features. The biggest changes now are how it works for all the ways people get information about pest control services. You’ll notice that:

  • The site loads faster.
  • The typeface is larger and easier to read.
  • It's easier to contact us from your phone or tablet. Whether you want to send us an email or give us a call, the mobile information bar allows you to do so with a thumb click, and you can even get information on our hours. 
  • The homepage, videos, photos and blogs are presented in a more compact format.
  • The navigation across the top of the homepage — in the blue menu bar — makes it easy to find information on our company, services, bugs and disease, and contact information. When you hover over 'About' in the main menu bar, you’ll find an expanded selection of information on cape Cod Mosquito Squad.
  • You can also find all of this information by scrolling down the page, a key feature for people who prefer to swipe with their thumbs and fingers on phones and tablets.

Easy Client Login on Every Page

The sign-in information for your Cape Cod Mosquito Squad Client Login hasn’t changed — your user name and password will carry over to the new site. You can log in by clicking on the orange “Client Login” button in the pre-footer bar at the bottom of every page.

The new website will continue to evolve and improve. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, drop us a note by sending us an email at and we’ll let you know where to look. And we want feedback on how the site is working for you. Let us know what you think.