Mosquitoes Test Positive For EEE In Falmouth

WBZ reports that health officials are taking a EEE threat seriously on Cape Cod and interviewed Curt Felix to learn more about how to prevent mosquitoes and avoid infection.

Here is an excerpt from the interview:

Curt Felix, the owner of Cape Cod Mosquito Squad, believes this season has been like nothing he’s ever seen. He thinks this is partially because of the amount of rain the area has received.

“That’s just an enormous amount of water that’s going to seek places it’s never been before so with a high water table that’s the ideal breeding habitat for mosquitoes,” Felix added.

Felix said there are things people can do to protect themselves, starting with their homes and emptying any standing water.

“There are things like clogged gutters like pails of water, even a small plastic cap from the top of the water bottle or a soda bottle. Tarps, a wheel barrel. Anything that can hold water for a couple of days can breed mosquitoes,” he said.

Click the link below to read the article and watch the interview with Curt Felix on how to prevent mosquitoes to avoid diseases like EEE.